March 1, 2016   Rosie Turner Advice 101  Glam Blog No Comments

So I’m browsing the net and stumble across a title of a blog that grabs my attention. The title is was “9 Reasons Why I Hate Makeup Artists”. After reading most of this I really wanted to respond with “9 Reasons Why The Industry Shouldn’t Work With You”. Her rant was mostly about how rude makeup artists are and how unsanitary makeup artists can be. No, I will not tell you that you have a unibrow. I will only give you advice and deliver it from a helpful caring place. She had some valid points, but her attitude and foul mouth really turned me off. If your a model, as she says she is, remember that posting things like this can effect your career.

I do agree that makeup artists need to educate themselves more on sanitation. Keeping your tools and makeup clean. If you simply don’t know then hop online and read up! It has definitely helped me. Use disposable mascara wands and never double dip! Disposable wands are the only way to avoid any cross contamination. Buy glosses that are in a tube, it’s a great way to avoid using so many lip applicators and is more sanitary. I prefer using cake liners for the eyes and brows. This way you can take a small product spatula and transfer it onto a mixing palette. You can do the same with lipsticks. Ladies we do use our hands as palettes and I would hope every makeup artist washes his/her hands prior to each client! The best of the best makeup artists use their finger tips to seamlessly blend concealers and at times to apply lip color! Wipe your any powder product with a clean tissue prior to use. Spraying alcohol will ruin the product over time. When it comes to lip pencils, make sure to sharpen them (not too sharp) and to spray and wipe with 91% isopropyl alchohol.

Hopefully these things I have chatted about will give you better knowledge of what your makeup artist should be doing. Remember that we are not perfect and a great portion of artists are self taught. We are not estheticians or dermatologists. We are here to enhance the beauty you already have and if you have nearly flawless skin, but still want a full coverage look then I’ll provide that. Will I tell you that we can pull off a similar look without using a heavier product, yes I will. As makeup artists we do care about your skin. Our job however is to give you a certain look. I personally took a course in makeup artistry and they did not get into sanitation rules too heavily. Also, to the blogger I mentioned earlier, I personally make sure I have fresh breath for each of my clients. At least my mouth isn’t at bad as yours :). Have a great day everyone! Feel free to comment below.