February 3, 2016   Rosie Turner Glamour  Glam Blog No Comments

Hey beauties!  I want to first say that I am so excited to finally have a section where I can talk about some of my favorite products, new and old.  I reached out on Facebook that I needed an awesome model for my blog portion for my new website.  I was super excited to see so much interest and eventually settled on the wonderful Ambyr Reyes.  Now for the fun stuff.  I wanted to start off with Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizer to give her skin more life and ironically she had already put some on at home!
clinique-dramatically-different-moisturizing-lotionSo were both in love with this which is great!   When I tested this stuff out at Nordstrom I completely fell head over heels.  I have pretty bad dry skin and for the price this product is well worth it.  I do want to suggest a great exfoliate which I use daily and it’s from Peter Thomas Roth.  MAC Matchmaster FoundationIt’s a gel that you rub in a circular motion on a dry face and it literally rolls away the dead skin!  It’s roughly 50 dollars but lasts a good amount of time.  I would highly recommend this for dry to severely dry skin.  Thereafter using a great moisturizer.

The foundation I used is from MAC.  It’s called Matchmaster in the color 3.0.  What I adore about these foundations is that there extremely mixable.  You can literally match any skin tone.  What I don’t favor is the smell.  I’m kind of big on smells and I do not like this one.  It doesn’t linger however because it has a demi matte finish so the smell doesn’t stick around long.  The pop of amazing bronze shimmer on her eyelids is from the Naked2 palette from Urban Decay in the color YDK.  I used one of my favorite paint pots from MAC in the color Vintage as the base for this great shadow color.  Cream bases that dry well are great for eye shadows as long as you pat it on quickly before it dries.

MAC PeachyLet’s get onto the blush!  It’s also from MAC.  Yes I have a MAC Obsession and I love it!  The color is called Peachykeen and has a great shimmer to it which is so great for an added glow.  This color looks incredible on olive and tan skin tones.  NYX Lip Creme - InstanbulI have a great relationship with NYX’s lip creams!  If your trying to save some money this is a great alternative to other pricey matte lip glosses.  They all have a yummy smell.  To me it smells like cake which is no problem for me.  I applied the color Istanbul along with my lip pencil from MAC in the color Snob.  These two colors pair really nicely together I feel.  A touch of Global Glow as a highlight along with other great products I used and voila Ambyr is  even more of a bombshell!  If you have any questions on what else I used or have any other questions feel free to leave me a message in the Contact portion of my site.  I also want to add that it doesn’t matter if your makeup is perfect as long as you like it that’s all that matters!